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Big in Japan: Last month before our Japan adventure

The 5th of august we will be leaving the UAE to finally arrive in Japan after a 10 hour flight. The amount of planning we have left is almost not mensurable….But we getting there! Each day we getting closer from our big challenge….Each day we make something done; get used to our equipment (testing the tent etc), make and re-make our ‘to do’ list, make sure that our Japan map is reliable, learning basic Japanese, keep on training, breath…. and so on…!

The amount of different and the quantity of emotions that I had to pass through just to start this project is incredible. And now, I just can not remember why this project, was for me, a awesome idea, 2 years ago….

I always had this dream to run like Therry Fox did, so 2 years back I just said to myself That will be great if i can run through this wonderful Japan, and I said to myself just ‘let’s do it’! A idea would stay just a idea if no one would believed in myself….! I was impressed to realize that almost everyone found this crazy idea, was in fact a awesome project!!!!

I did a lot of compromise to made this project come to reality; put a big amount of time to plan and train, my family was always there day after days, I resigned from my job… I will never be enough thankful for my family, and also all my precious friends who was there for me and training with me and they was there to listen the ‘up like the downs’ of this project, for my coach, for my sponsor…All of them believed in me at the first stage of the project and they still believing in me now, they help to push myself to beyond my limits. All of them was and still are my inspiration to keep going on and on and on…. Thank you so so much everyone!

But now, In less then 1 month from the start, I feel that all those great emotions are gone and the stress and the doubt are on the front of the scene…. I feel myself a bit stupid now….I hope that is normal though….Running for more then 1000 km/ month it’s a lot of km…..

A challenge wouldn’t be a challenge without doubt….Is it?!

In life the worst thing is to let the doubt lead and win, and from now we have ‘ just to do it’!

The count down has started; 26 days Japan here we come!

PS: It’s a real privileged to to write this blog. English is not my mother tongue, I still hope that you will be able to understand me (;-)) and you will keep reading our Japanese (and our UAE) adventures!!


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