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Big in Japan: 2 months after

Happy new Year everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your holidays!

It is already been 3 months since we came back from Japan. Crazy to think that its the same amount of time we took to complete the project, 3010kms. We miss the simplicity we used to have in our adventure; sleeping everyday in our tent, not knowing where we would sleep next, eating when we felt like it (or when we would find convenience stores) and enjoying the everyday scenery which never was the same.

The adventure is calling us everyday when we are sitting at our desks getting work done through our computer comfortably. I miss running to reach an unknown destination. I now always wish we were running again next to the Japanese sea with our ”trust-worthy” trailer. I am proud the have done what I thought was the impossible.

The things we miss the most from Japan:

The people

Seeing people working in the rice fields, people playing baseball with their kids, people encouraging us when we were cycling and running, people helping us when we needed (or not), people staring at us with curiosity, old people walking around, students going and leaving school.

The scenery

The mountains submerged by clouds, the clear sea, the massive waves, the random temples at even more random locations, the fishing boats on the sea at 6 in the morning, the endless rice fields, the tiny roads, the kaki trees.

The culture

Seeing people walking around in their kimonos and yukatas, the temples, the festivals and celebrations,everything that looked kawaii, the fishers leaving in the early mornings to get the best catches, annoying music at convenience stores, seeing the Carps baseball team everywhere, the manga and anime advertisments, the pachinko slots buldings, the general happiness and mindset people have.

The food

All the sea food, Onigiris, sushis, sashimis, stuffed breads, macha lattes, green tea, green tea ice cream, waffle ice creams, squids, carps, melon bread, melon soda, calpis water, pokari sweat, the croissant chips,And soooooo much more!!!

Over the next few weeks we plan on updating the website and blog more, currently we are working on a new project so stay tune for more from VeroniqueRun.

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