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Why run +14 000 km across the African continent?

first women who across africa

My name is Veronique Bourbeau. I am the founder of Run for Humanity, an Ultra Runner Adventurer, Public Speaker and Author of “Fearless: One Woman’s transformational journey from a treadmill to running the African Continent”.

My team and I under the umbrella  of a Non-Profit (501C3) organisation:  Run for Humanity, will be running more than 14 000kms from Alexandria to Cape Town (that means the entire Africa Continent from the North to South). The objective is to give clean and safe water (through water filters) to the most remote people in the villages in Africa, who don’t have access to clean and safe water.  We are committed to provide water to at least 3 million of people on our route, who doesn’t have access to the basic resources which is water.

Running for Humanity aims to help people who need a voice. I will be the instrument to provide the resources they need, spread love and humanity! That is what the African Continent Run is all about!

Bringing clean and water to at least 3 million of people

Run for Humanity has a mission to increase access to clean and safe water (and monitor the real impact we are creating in the world:  before, during and after our Africa run) to the most needy people on the planet.


According to the United Nation,  2 billion of people in the world,  lack of access to clean and safe water. That means that 1 to 4 people cannot drink clean and safe water. That equal to more than a quarter ( 26% ) of the world's population who doesn't have access to safe drinking water and 46% lack access to basic sanitation.  You agree with me, that is a lot of people who cannot drink water freely, and we need to do something about it. This is why that Run For Humanity is committed to do literally everything to address this water crisis, and bring clean and safe water to the most people on the planet!

The Africa Continent Run is the first project, of a lot more to come. I am committed to run every continent of the world, to provide clean and safe water to as many people as possible. Run For Humanity and I are also committed in the next few years to provide basic needs to people in need: clean toilets in India, feminine hygiene, community centre services to the communities that we serve.

The New Book: Fearless

Véro’s first book: "One Mother's Transformational Journey from a Treadmills to Running the Africa Continent" will be published in conjunction with the beginning of her African Continent Run. It traces her journey leading up to the project and helps readers understand what drives her by revealing how she developed her Hyper Resilient Mindset.

Véro has begun work on her second book, which will follow her journey to be the first woman to run across the African Continent. The book will focus on her physical, mental, and spiritual journey to help readers understand the run itself, raise their awareness about the African continent, and bring attention to the shortages of safe water across the world.


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