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Africa continent run for clean and safe water- after

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Here are some suggestions to get the ideas flowing. Please look through our ideas and let us know if you'd like to see anything else attached to your brand.

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Vehicle Branding

Our Billboard on wheels! As the Vehicle will be the main asset of our expeditionit will benefit from a large amount of coverage duringthe expedition.
This includes the people coming across it,through media coverage that will use our photos in the movie/book,and in future Events public speaking events in years to come.

Public Speaking Events

After the Africa Run and remotely along the journey, Véro will be featured at Public Speaking Events and Workshops recalling her unique and unprecedented experiences while running across the continent.

Sportwear & Gears Branding

Vero will be the face of the Africa run. Forthe media exposure, photos and future touring Vero will be wearing a Custom 2xU shirt and Archaeopteryx that will allow for branded sponsors to show their logos.
The bigger the support the bigger the sponsor name.

Brand Focused Film

Veronique is teaming up with Seago Media- whose past clients include MicrosoftVolvo, McDonald's, Harley Davidson in addition to
producing over 30 hours of primetime-for a film documenting her entire journey.
This provides an opportunity for your brand to
have its own short film explaining the involvement of your brand in this unique project.

Social Media / Web Presence

Your brand will be part of our Social Media Strategy through the 1.5-year run. Engage with our audience to promoteyour products/services and attach your name to the adventure.
Additionally, your logo will be displayed on the homepage of our website and blog posts through the year will be released on your chosen product/service/topic.

Support Women Entrepreneurs

You'll encourage women entrepreneurs by supporting Vero who is herself a driven female entrepreneur pushing to break boundaries and outdo her limits.

This life-changing run will impact thousands and inspire even more.

The African continent run represents Vero's heart and sweat for the last 5 years.

This project aims to provide safe water to the people who need it the most.

We are now hoping to see your name attached to this adventure as we truly believe that together we can create a greater impact on the children and families that deserve safe water across Africa.

Together, we can all make a difference for a better world. Thank you.

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