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Control your time in 7 Easy Steps

“Lost wealth may be replaced by industry, lost knowledge by study, lost health by temperance or medicine, but lost time is gone forever.” Samuel Smiles

Time is what we are all after, yet it is often what we sacrifice first in our everyday lives.

We all want to feel more relaxed, fulfilled and ultimately feeling at peace when going to sleep knowing you’ve done your best today.

We often allow external structures and factors guide our everyday, draining our energy away floating in between tasks unorganised. Being stuck in that loophole is difficult, that’s why creating a system to organise your time carefully to smoothly jump into more rewarding habits is essential.

I’m here today to take you through this organisational process so you can restructure your schedule during these difficult times and regain control over your most precious currency: Time.

Let’s elevate your productivity standards together!

“Time = life; therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life.” Alan Lakein

Track your time: Where is your time going right now?

Have you ever gone to sleep feeling like you had wasted the day away? You didn’t get to workout, finish that email or clean up the laundry like you intended…

The problem often comes from the lack of awareness of our own time.

Understanding where your time is currently going is the first step to getting back on track and gain unshakable focus.

When you acknowledge the time you waste laying in bed looking at the ceiling or being a couch potato browsing Netflix bored not knowing what to watch next…Only then can you change for the better.

Quick easy exercise: Make a pie chart of your day, how does it look right now?!

Personally, I enjoy doing these exercises by hand to really tune into the creative aspect of the process and fun of it 🙂

  1. Draw a large circle

  2. Cut the Pieces of the “pie” in function of your daily activities with a rough estimation

  3. Write down the activities inside or outside the piece with the approximate time you spend on each activity. Be honest with yourself! Only then can you really start literally “cutting out” time in your pie chart and redirect it towards something else you’d like to do instead.

  4. Where are areas that need improvement? Start cutting down the piece!

  5. When is your down time?

  6. Can certain tasks be compressed into one section instead of two?

Adjustment to Parenthood – The Peaceful Parents

Where do you want your time to go?

What is most important to you? What little actions brings joy to your day? What goals do you wish to accomplish?

  1. Your family?

  2. A creative project?

  3. Working out?

  4. Spending time in nature?

  5. Taking a bath?

  6. Being productive when writing your book?

You want to fill your day with meaningful actions and rewards. List your absolutes and create your “perfect day” template:

12 Morning and Evening Routines That Will Set Up Each Day for Success

Watch this interesting video on prioritising your daily joy with your daily pie chart:

“If you want to make good use of your time, you’ve got to know what’s most important and then give it all you’ve got.”

Lee Iacocca

Morning Routine: Starting the day right!

For me, morning either make or break my day.

Small actions are necessary for me to be productive for the rest of the day: Meditating and journaling. Only then can I make my coffee and start my work.

A morning routine can help anyone start their day on the right track, when you decide to do something for yourself that is non-negotiable as soon as you wake up, you will find that it is much easier to remain consistent throughout the day.

Morning routines can also help you build momentum for productivity during the day. Once you start ticking things off your daily to-dos, you’re more likely to keep doing so throughout the day. This “starting energy” is like turning on an engine, the earlier you start, the faster you get to your destination!

But how can you create your perfect Morning Routine?

Your morning routine should include anything that will improve your day, this may include:

meditating, working out for an hour, journalling, etc.

Make sure you stay away from any stressful or negative energy to start your day: emails, social medias, traffic, etc. Don’t allow these things to disturb your peace.

Here is a good video that can inspire you in your own routine:

Google Calendar and time blocking/boxing

Google calendar is a powerful yet often underestimated tool to “time block”.

Time blocking is the simple concept of fully focusing on one task for a given period of time. Only one goal, no distractions: no email check, replying to texts or multi-tasking.

Google calendar is a great place to start! The different Calendars can help you create structure for your work, work outs, meetings, important to-dos, routines, etc.

Reduce Friction: Get your Environment ready

Make it easy to do the things you wish to accomplish and harder to get to the distractions.

Simple actions such as:

  1. Putting your running clothes by your bed side to run as soon as you wake up

  2. Leaving your alarm clock far from the bed

  3. Putting a book by your coffee table

  4. Going to sleep with the curtains open

  5. Have a ready to go Training plan ( Download my Free Running Training plan HERE 😉

In the other hand to block distractions you could:

  1. Put a timer on certain apps on your phone with apps such as “Digital Wellbeing”

  2. Restrict certain websites on your Computer with timings with Google extensions such as: Crackbook Revival or Habitica Site Keeper

  3. Clearing your desk of any distractions

  4. Serving yourself a full tea set so you don’t have to leave your desk while being productive

Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is someone that actively keep track of your progress to hold you accountable to your own goals. It can be monthly, weekly or even daily check-ins.

You can also use the people you love for support and accountability. Tell your family about your new schedule and allow them to support you in your journey to better productivity!

An accountibility partner can be a friend, your partner, family or even strangers!

If you believe you could benefit from additional support and accountability, let’s have a quick chat on Zoom over coffee.

As a Mindset Coach, I can help you get the accountability you need for you to take meaningful actions to get you where you want to be. Don’t leave it up to chance or waste any more time

Time to Embrace Positive change!

The daily choices you make shape your life.

Watch yourself unfold into the person you wish to become through your daily actions. Creating and following a new schedule isn’t easy. It requires a lot of will power at first until get into “autopilot” and turn it into a habit.

Choose to wake up at 6:30 am everyday for 3 months and it will be a habit for the rest of your life.

“You’re writing the story of your life one moment at a time.”

Doc Childre and Howard Martin

Wish to live a life of Gratefulness? Develop your Journaling Practice!

Download my FREE Journaling templates here:

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