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Big in Japan: 17 days before Japan- is it really possible?

Just 17 days to go before Japan, is it really possible? Is it really happening?! It sure seems like it! For the last two weeks, I spent the most of my time confirming everything is ready.

I have enough “Newton elite shoes” for the entire distance, if i have the”right type of running clothes”, a “suitable tent and sleeping bag”, “sleeping matt”, “gels”, “the right type of bicycle and trailer”…Ouf….!

I also had to redesign “my Japan route on the map”, because I can not stay any longer than 90 days in Japan, not one day more and not one day less!

For a person who avoids malls as much as possible, I spent most of my last 2 weeks there just be sure that I really had everything! My ‘to do list’ seemed never-ending.

I feel like I will be “moving home now ”, in fact it almost is! For the next 3 months, my tent will be my new home, and the Japanese landscape will be my living room. I will have to adapt to a whole new climate, coming from the UAE. I will have to experiment with the rains, the low temperature, the stars, the clouds….

My 6th Canadian weather sense will have to return to me sooner than later! Most of all, I will have this privilege to travel through Japan, this amazing country.

I will see scenery that I never seen before, I will meet people that I would never meet, I will live an adventure of a lifetime, I will probably see a new face of life, I will make a dream come true – and my daughter and I will learn that nothing is impossible! Now, let’s do it!

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