July 2021

[Depending on the COVID-19 International Updates]

Running 13000 km Across the African Continent


300 marathons,

over 13 countries,

30 pairs of running shoes,

100s of unexpected events,

1000s of new faces,

Countless New Experiences and a New World Record.

Alexandria, Egypt, to Cape Town, South Africa



Starting July 2021 

Why Run?

I want to run around the world, continent by continent to create lasting positive impacts by rising funds with Running.

  • Raise funds to distribute Nano-filters which provides clean drinkable water to Children and Women in remote villages in Africa.

  • Change our audience’s perception of the African Culture, Environment, and People. I want to bring out the reality this continent has to offer through meaningful connections and discussions we will share on social media, a documentary and a book: World-wide reach.

  • I will break a World Record: First female to run the vertical length of the African continent, from Alexandria, Egypt, to Cape Town, South Africa.


I will slowly, but surely, make my way down the African continent by foot while the crew drives a support truck. We will sleep in tents through our journey.

  • The Adventure Crew

    is made out of an Expedition Leader, a Filmmaker/Cameraman, a Driver, a Medic, an Assistant, and, of course, myself.

  • The Food

    will be carried in the truck with the rest of the necessary equipment. For water, we will do as we preach: use water filters to drink the water we find on our way. I wish to reduce plastic bottles consumption to a minimum.

  • The Map

    will be an absolute: we will remain on track throughout the journey and keep it private for safety reasons. However, the route is focused on important landmarks such as the Kilimanjaro Mountain (which I will climb as a bonus hiking episode), Victoria Falls, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Nubian Pyramids and much more.

    We will visit the communities for whom we will have raised funds to bring clean water. This will allow us to connect with the people we help during our journey and share the true impact the donors have made by supporting the project.


    What will come out of this Adventure... Well, an unbelievable weight loss… But also, all sorts of unique opportunities such as:

    • Fundraising Money for Charity

    • Documentary of the Experience

    • Public Speaking Event

    • New world Record

    • Outstanding Social Media Content

    • Coaching & Training


    We are looking to raise funds for a charity that provides clean water to Children & Women in Remote communities in Africa.  If you believe this is something you can help us with...Contact us.


    We are open to financing from external parties, we offer a range of sponsorship opportunities... If you believe it makes sense to talk, contact us and tell me what your calendar looks like to schedule a call.

    Believe in the Project?

    Let People Know!

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