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What you need to know about Motivation

12th November 2020

"The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."
Nelson Mandela

This week I had a very insightful question from one of you amazing mindset geeks.

They came forward with an issue many runners face: Motivation.

How to stay motivated through your training to really get to the distance you which to accomplish.

Runners (and most of my clients) tend to be Type A personalities with a "all or nothing" mindset. We are very driven, structured and perfectionists.

This all or nothing personality can lead us to beat ourselves down, especially if you feel unmotivated.


Of course, lack of motivation can be applied to anyone who wishes to accomplish a specific goal: Write your book, Start a YouTube Channel, run your first 60km, become a freelance autonomous worker, etc.


So today, I'll give you the ways to stay motivated in the most accepting and loving approaches…

None of the HUSSLE THROUGH THE PAIN mindset most of us Type A individuals have ūüėĀ


PS. If you have a Mindset Question that applies to your everyday hurdles, please reply to this email and let me know



These are my tips to bring your motivation back:


1. Acknowledge that you feel unmotivated

Do not put yourself down. Acknowledge it, and know that every one passes through down phases. You are human, and therefore it is normal to feel this way.


2. Focus on the outcome

Remember the feeling that you love when you are working towards your goals.

Take note of what your thoughts are: Are they negative or positive?

Write them down in a journal.

See how you can replace your non-motivational thoughts by empowering and motivating one. When you wake up in the morning try to make the extra effort to be aware of your thoughts, and see how your actual thoughts influence your behaviors. 


3. Just do…

Stop yourself from overthink and go!

Get rid of distractions and frictions and simply start (even for 5min, it's all it takes)

When you start, you will feel the positive outcome.

Feel it, enjoy it, and anchor this feeling in your mind. 


4. Expose yourself to Inspiring Content

If you feel unmotivated, find something to read, watch things that you know who will help you to bring your motivation and spirit high!

For example, I really enjoy watching documentaries! I focus on African documentaries so I imagine myself running across Africa.

How much do the media you consume correlate with the things you want to achieve?


5. Dashboard is key!

Make sure that you monitor your 'motivation-states' in a dashboard or journal everyday.

Answer these questions: How do your thoughts influence/motivate your behaviors? Did you manage to change your negative thoughts for empowering ones?  Did you get to run or did you stay in bed instead?

Take time for yourself and analyze your internal thinking and behavior. Try to understand if you can see a pattern. If yes, try to understand the roots of it, and change it for empowering thoughts, so you can get the outcome that you want accordingly.


6. Accountability

Make yourself accountable to achieve your goal. As a mindset coach, I keep all my clients accountable so that they stick to their long-term goals. Doing so, they stick to their actions and achieved their goals.


7. Celebrate

Celebrate every step makes you achieve and create new habits in your life. Celebrate your new behaviors, you're growing along with your new habits! Celebrate the process!

As Type A personalities, we like to perfect our crafts, we rarely truly appreciate our progress and victories and always go chasing the next best thing.

There is no better time then now to start giving yourself this opportunity!


  • How do you actively stay motivated?
  • Do you wish you were more motivated in some areas of your life?


As a Mindset Coach, I guide driven people to develop their mindsets to create powerful changes to overcome limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and dig to find gems within you that are waiting to be unleashed.


I also help my clients stay accountable to their goals and push them to become the person they want to be today (if that means help you stay motivated, I'm here too ūüėČ).


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Have a WONDERFUL rest of the week,




Véronique Bourbeau

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