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Shift your Mindset, Take Massive Actions, and Create Momentum.

-Veronique Bourbeau

MBA, NLP & Peak Performance Coach, Ultra Marathoner, and Adventurer


10 Easy Steps to Eliminate Performance Holdbacks

Hi, I'm Vero

Peak Performance Coach & Adventurer

I have been a Ultra-Marathon Runner for the last 13 years, running distances from 100 miles, 250kms and 444kms across the globe.

One of my Biggest Achievement is to run one Marathon a day for 72 days, that's 3000km in 3 months across Japan.


Now, I help people who wants to develop the right mindset to achieve Peak Results in their Business and in their Life through my experience as an Adventurer Ultra runner, Journalist, Business Founder, Mother, my MBA,  and Certified Peak Performance Coach.


444km Across Malaysia, 3 000 km around Japan to 13 000 km Across the African Continent.

Giving back is my purpose, Adventures is my vehicle.

Breaking through Physical and Mental barriers to push through the Impossible.


How has Veronique Run's Coaching changed you?

"It was just an absolute life-changing experience.

If you, or anyone you know is looking for someone to just help that transformational process, there couldn't be a more Encouraging, Bold, Brave, Warm-hearted, and Totally Open coach then Veronique."

Alex Dweyer

Writter & Runner

1-1 Coaching

"If she can help me climb the hurdles that I have climbed and get me to the position that I am at now, she can do it with anyone.

So if you need a coach, mental or physical, talk to her, sit down with her on a call and she'll work it out with you. She'll figure it out."

Thomas Fowler

Ultra Runner

1-1 Coaching

Giving Back

I discovered what I wanted to do with my life and this is why I Coach others. But I also want to give back, and therefore I'm involved in charitable projects to bring better opportunities to others.


Veronique Bourbeau, MBA, NLP & Peak Performance Coach, Ultra Marathoner Adventurer

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